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Storm Damage

Year after year thousands of communities all over the country are battered with severe storms. Unfortunately, these storms bring strong winds, severe hail and even tornadoes.


Our staff has many years of experience in storm damage repair and insurance claims assistance.  We offer full service insurance inspections and repair consultations.


We will  perform a free inspection & consultation. Our severe weather and hail mapping service, Hailwatch, gives us a swath of where the storms have hit. If you are unaware if your home was in the storm swath, we can simply enter your address and give you an answer within seconds.

If it is determined that your home or property does have storm damage your supervisor will walk you through the process of filing your insurance claim. 

Upon filing the insurance claim, your insurance carrier will give you a claim number, time and date when your adjuster will be at your home. Once you receive that information you should call your field supervisor so he or she can be present to insure nothing is missed at the inspection.   

After the adjuster has determined the damage, they typically write the repairs estimate on the spot or will be sent by mail or email.  The advantage of this is that all prices are guaranteed and determined by an estimating software Xactimate. This makes it easy for the homeowners because there really is no need to take estimates because the pricing is determined by the insurance and the payments are made by your insurance carrier in two portions.

We handle the entire claim process, from paperwork to the insurance inspections, so you do not have any additional stress in your daily life. Upon completion of the insurance adjuster and repairs estimate, we will walk you through our contract and repairs specifications. 


At this point we will review the scope of the work as well as sample options. Once all repairs have been completed, a final walk through will be done with you to ensure your 100% satisfied with the project.


After your approval, a certificate of completion will be sent to your  insurance company. Upon receiving the certificate of completion your insurance carrier will send out the final payment, (depreciation). 

With all the years of experience we have in storm restoration you will be glad you chose a company that will stand by your side in a very difficult time. Give us a call and you will know you have made the right decision.  We look forward to bringing your home back to its original beauty.

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