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Just like the soffit, fascia can come in wood, vinyl, & aluminum and may be available in various textures.

Replacing existing soffit and fascia with aluminum not only gives your home wonderful curb appeal, but also makes them maintenance free.


Soffits & Fascia are both available in a wide variety of types and colors. The many colors available can be matched to any siding or gutter color or may even be used to add contrast, to give your home a unique finish.  Please ask you field supervisor for more details.

Fascia is often associated with the soffit because in many ways they work hand in hand with one another. Typically the two are also removed and installed together.


The soffits are the section of the house below the roof eaves.  The most important function they play is ventilation.

However, many homes that have wood, vinyl or aluminum soffits may not be vented. We recommend the installation of vented soffits.

Soffit & Fascia

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